How do I Connect My Canon Printer to my Wireless Network?

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How to connect canon printer to a wireless network?

Have you purchased a Canon printer for your personal use? Do you look for the steps to connect Canon printer to your wireless connection? If so then you have arrived at the accurate platform. Here in the below section learn how to connect your Canon printer to a wireless network. Before you start, the process checks your router is WPS-enables. The wifi setup is easy, simple and fast. And then you need to reconnect the Canon printer to your network.

Guide to attach the printer to a wireless network

You can connect Canon printer to the wireless through the Setup method. Follow the steps which are given below:

  • First press the Menu button on the printer
  • Utilize the arrow key to highlight WLAN setup
  • Then press OK
  • Click on the Standard setup and press OK
  • Now the printer will start to search for the nearby networks
  • Once it finished searching, a nearby networks list will display on the screen
  • Choose the network from the list
  • And then press OK
  • If the wireless network has a password, you need to enter a password in the required field.
  • And then press OK for the network password
  • The printer will attempt to attach to the wireless network
  • If the printer connects to the network finally press ok
  • Or else if the printer fails to connect to the network follow the steps given below
  • Press Ok and verify that you entered a password is correct or not
  • If essential make any changes
  • If the password is correct, unplug the router for few seconds and try to connect the Canon printer to the wireless network again
  • Now it will connect your computer and print

Thus the above-given steps are very easy and simple to connect canon printer to the wireless network. If you face any issues while connecting you can call the technical professionals to get an effective solution to your printer issues.