What is HP Connected Remote Service?

What is HP Connected Remote Service?

HP Connected Remote allows a user to access users PC remotely from anywhere in the home using a Smartphone or the tablet device. It allows the user to remotely search, browse, and access media on user PC without needing to sit in front of it to work with. With the help of the Smartphone or the tablet device, the user can wirelessly control the favorite applications that are available on user PC such as windows media center, windows media player, power DVD, and much more. Nowadays, on HP Windows 8 PC device, the HP connected Remote application comes preinstalled from the manufacturer.

Basic information about HP Connection Remote

HP Connection Remote is the program that is emerged by Hewlett Packard. It includes the background remote controller service that is set to run automatically when working. According to the research results of the total number of users, most of the personal computers are working with windows 8 as well as 8.1. It is the preinstalled genuine application service but the user can uninstall this if it is not required. With the help of this program, the phone or the tablet will act as the remote for the user’s PC. But to do so, the PC and the phone or the tablet should have the HP Connection Remote service and both should be connected to the same network to establish the connection between them.

HP Connection Remote – Program Details

HP Connection Remote is the preinstalled program on the user PC, and the user can find the program on their PC with the below-given details.

  • URL: hp.com

  • Installation folder: C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Connected Remote

  • Program size: 23.13 MB

  • Language available: English (United States)

Average memory utilization by a program

  • HP Connection RemoteService.exe – its memory allocation is 45.83 MB

  • HP Connection RemoteUser.exe – its memory allocation is 51.03 MB

How to uninstall HP Connection Remote?

If the user wants to uninstall HP Connection Remote program from their PC, they can easily and completely remove it. If you want to download again, it is completely free available on the internet and can install within seconds.

On start menu of Windows 8 system, click control panel button

On start menu of Windows 8 system, click control panel button

Under control panel, check for programs and do one of the following,

  • For Windows 8, click uninstall the program
  • For Windows XP, click Add or Remove program

HP Connection Remote program Control pannel

A number of programs that is available on your device will get displayed. There find the one that you want to uninstall, that is found HP Connection Remote program

Click on the specific program and do the following

  • For Windows 8, click uninstall program
  • For Windows XP, click on remove or change tab

HP Connection Remote program uninstall

Then follow the displaying messages. At the bottom of the system, the progress bar will be running, this shows how long the system will take to remove the HP Connection Remote program.

It is the rare cases that people would find it odd. Try using its wonderful features and sure you will likely love this program.