How Do You Do A Hard Reset On A Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is specially designed for reading text-based media such as books, newspapers, blogs, and much more. In fact, Kindle is mainly aiming at helping people to lower watching TV programmes, movies, and other shows. When it comes to the world of Android Tablets, Kindle Fire has made the big success story that offers content in various sizes and devices. Of course, it is normal for even the most popular products to show some errors. If you face such problems with the kindle fire, and thinking of resetting your kindle account, then take a look at the below-given instruction.

Things To Consider Before Reset Kindle Fire

Does your kindle fire act funky? Check out the below-given steps and choose what you should do to make it work properly. Thankfully, it is not impossible to make it work properly. But you just have to do it in a smart way. If you ever face any problems with the device, consider factory resetting your kindle account. But keep in mind; a factory reset will delete everything that you have downloaded to the device such as music, movies, TV shows, and others. So if you don’t make the back up of your data, sure you might lose everything. Here is how you should back up data before wiping out everything.

How To Back Up Kindle Account Data?

Before you start with the procedure, make sure that your Kindle app is up to date. Then do the following to back up your account data,

  1. From the top of the kindle fire’s screen, swipe down
  2. Tap on settings option
  3. On settings, tap device option
  4. Followed by backup and restore option
  5. Switch on toggle device backup option
  6. Tap application settings
  7. Tap photos, or videos that you want to back up
  8. Tap auto save button – this will automatically back up your data

How to Reset the Kindle Fire Account?

Now that, you have back up everything, you are now ready to do a hard reset on your kindle fire account. Before starting to do a hard reset, ensure that your device has at least 30% of the battery charge to perform the below-given steps.

Option 1

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on device options
  3. Tap on reset to factory defaults
  4. Click Reset

Option 2

  1. Starting with kindle fire off, simultaneously, press and hold the power button and volume down button
  2. Here, the Amazon system recovery screen will appear.
  3. Now use volume buttons to select wipe data or factory reset
  4. To choose the selection, press power button
  5. To activate the selection of “Yup – delete entire user data”, press the volume buttons
  6. Press power button to start processing

Keep in mind, even if you back up or restore everything, experts can’t guarantee that users will be able to access everything. So think wisely before you start with the resetting procedure. Unless you don’t have anything to lose seriously, go with the procedure. Else seek experts and clarify your doubts.