TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA

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When we need to establish an internet connection with our computer systems, several methods are there to apply for. But among the list, Wi-Fi routers are the first choice of the users. Likewise, they are reliable, fast, convenient, and easy to handle technical issues. If you have a Tp-link extender and want to create Tp-link extender setup or need TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA, stay on this page. The present article will provide you with step-by-step guidance for tp link setup to create it manually.

TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA-What is TP-Link and TP-Link Extender?

Simply, Tp-link is a Wi-Fi router used to connect the computer system to the internet. Hence, TP-link acts as a bridge between a computer device and the network you are using.

But sometimes, in your home or office where you use this equipment, Tp-link fails to provide its network strength to each corner of your home or office. For example, suppose you have a computer system connected to a Wi-Fi router in one room and you want to use it in another room. But the problem is that it fails to provide you with strong strength connectivity. Here the TP-Link Extender can help you all the way. You can make a TP-Link Extender setup to make you network strength forward to the uncovered areas of your home. Using TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA, you can use your Wi-Fi router services from distant places.

TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA

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Accordingly, Support Number Tech will provide you with full TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA support. You can contact us anytime to find the best solution for your tp link setup.

However, TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA is a step-by-step guide to create an internet connection in the dead zones. Further, these Tp-link extenders are helpful equipment to make the network connectivity stronger and reaching to the far areas within a home or office.

Underneath, Here is the complete guidance for your tp link setup extender.

You can follow the steps to create the connections manually. Otherwise, if any problem persists, call us without any hesitation. Our technical experts will help you all the way throughout the process.

Step 1

Using Ethernet cable, connect your computer to the 2nd LAN port on your TP link router. Further, check for an IP address written on the bottom of your router. Now log in to your TP link web platform using an IP address.

Step 2

Go to the LAN option under the Network heading on the side menu and change the LAN IP address of your tp link router to an IP address of the main router. Further, one thing you consider that it will require a reboot after changing an IP address.

Step 3

Furthermore, go to wireless settings under Wireless section and configure the SSID. It can be different or the same as the main router. Then click on Save.

Step 4

Next, you need to click Wireless Security under Wireless and configure it. Some of the best options are WPA/WPA-2 Personal. Click on Save after configuring it.

Step 5

In the next effort, you have to Disable the DHCP Server in the DHCP>DHCP Settings. Then click on Save.

Step 6

Now reboot your device by going to System Tools>Reboot.

So, it was the guidance for your TP-Link Extender setup that you can do manually. Otherwise, Support Number Tech known as the best TP-Link Extender Setup Support in USA will help you personally if you are still facing troubles with your tp link setup network connectivity.

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